CM Report #3: Post-marathon goodies and future plans


Herpderp Daski the CM is derpin’.  Lots of updates and love to all of you watching <3

Links to event topics will be posted here when I create the threads.


TLDW (Too long, didn’t watch) version:

-Welcome to all the new members that joined~ I hope you all enjoy yourselves here in the community <3

-We reached +$59K, completely shattering our goal of most funds raised within a marathon. Everyone who was involved in the marathon (staff, sponsors, viewers, donators, fan artists, promoters…) should be extremely proud of themselves for all of their dedication to the cause.

-Dear Marketing: You all are beautiful and rock.

-Wee187 is doing the 4th Annual Community Final Fantasy Marathon. Go get involved:

-Starting July 6th, Marketing and I are putting on a Summer Camp. Filled with forum and stream events for everyone. More details to be announced.

-No Kirby Fanfest in September, it was canceled due to lack of interest.

-August: Possible SSBB or MKWii Tournament? Thread in Events forum to follow…

-January 2013: 3rd Community Stream Month, hosted by yours truly. Not for any particular Charity, just for giggles, really. Be prepared. C:

-Next CM Report: in July, announcing huge plans for next year in TSG.


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6 thoughts on “CM Report #3: Post-marathon goodies and future plans”

    I love these updates, and hearing you talk about this stuff is really uplifting. If I may make a suggestion, all the major stuff you have said in the vid should be typed under the video on here and in the description of the vid on youtube in like quick bullet points. It’d help a lot.

  2. Herpaderp + Daski = Derpskichan?

    Anyway, I have to agree with what Godzilla said above. Transcription of some sort would be quite nice, but at least a list of relevant links would be quite appreciated.

    It’s a shame that the Kirby Fan-Fest got shelved. Kirby’s one of my favorite series as well, but I only have Epic Yarn at the moment and I despise that one ( d>:}> ) so I wouldn’t be able to participate much from the streaming end. Also, I’ve noticed that the Kirby games are VERY slowly paced, which makes them a less interesting watch than other platform games. :

  3. “TSG really changed my life.” Me too.

    Over the years there are two questions I’ve learned that defined you. “Who are you?” and “What do you want?” These questions will be familiar to some sci-fi fans. These are questions that define who we are as a person. In 2009 I did not like the answer to the question “Who am I?” Then I was introduced to TSG. Through the antics of Britt’s crew I found a grounding in simple humility and compassion. Using them as exemplars of who I wanted to be I became a man who is proud of what he does, how it does it, and who it does it with. (Shut up! That wasn’t dirty.)

    I have become someone who leads from the middle. A person who, ammoung his equals, leads by example. I can learn from my mistakes and in so doing I can guide those I care about with a gentle hand and enable them to be better people as well.

    I am content. I enjoy my work and I enjoy my hobbies. My only goal, literally my only goal, is to move to [insert TSG home city here] so that I may be close to my friends and more involved in their lives and their work.

    So yeah. Changed for the better.

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