My Famous Pokémon Ranch

WOW WOW WOW! Everyone better be proud of themselves, because WHAT. $59,001? HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? YOU MADE IT HAPPEN. I honestly didn’t expect all the big name support, either! I decided I should make some nice Ranch art for our famous supporters. If anyone big donated/promoted and I didn’t hear about it, let me know and I’ll get a picture made anyway. You all earned it!

Oh uhh, I guess I should introduce myself to any celebrity who may be looking at this (and so many look up internet video game marathon charity groups, right?) I’m Jaz, the artist for TSG! I drew a bunch of the stuff on this lovely site that Local coded for us!

Also I apologize in advance if I spelled anything wrong on these cards. I was playing, drawing, commentating, and recovering from my horrible water balloon fight injury, so I was kind of crazy for most of the marathon.

Hi Notch! Thanks for crashing the site with your awesomeness! No seriously, I flipped out when I heard you showed up!

Tim Schafer tweeted about us! That’s so amazing! As someone who loved Grim Fandango and bought Brutal Legend despite not having a console for it JUST TO SUPPORT DOUBLE FINE, I was so happy to hear that he mentioned us. Mr. Schafer, if you’re out there, I supported your Kickstarter project and I can’t wait for the game to come out!

Colin Mochrie also tweeted about us! I remember watching Whose Line is it Anyway and loving his silly dinosaur impression. I actually ended up doing some improv in school because of that show! So of course he deserves a cute little dino.

THE Kevin Pereira showed up to bid in an auction AND to talk trash. Two great tastes that taste great together! I wish the camera was on the audience when Britt announced his name, because the dumbfounded looks on everyone’s faces was priceless. WE LOVE YOU KEV. OR K-PER. WHICHEVER WE DECIDED ON. He never said what he wanted drawn, so I figured to draw something from Battlefield 3.

… I’ve never played Battlefield 3.

Adam Toupe gave K-Per the fight of his life, and asked for an Okami-related picture. So here’s Amaterasu in all here nature-restoring, dot-eyed glory!

TSS Killer from (one of our sponsors!) guest commentated with Britt for a while! It was pretty great, to say the least! Evidently he enjoyed my powerful Chatter attack, because he asked for Lugia riding a talking zamboni. And who am I to deny him?

And here we have Bulbagarden, another sponsor! Yes they asked for a Bulbasaur Vine Whipping a Celebi. I wasn’t going to turn them down! They’ve done a billion things for us and I love them to death!

… oh right, and French Toast drew a Nicolas Cage Bulbasaur for them too. How… cute???

Anyway, huge thanks to everyone! I’ll be posting pictures of the other ranches soon! I just wanted to give shout-outs to some of our celebrity guests! And if on the insanely tiny chance any of you famous folks see this and want bigger pictures of your art, let us know! I will definitely hook you up.

In the meantime, enjoy the intro video!

The music is by Miso29: Thanks for all the hard work you put into it, sir!

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