Tee S G #2: Exposing yourself … wait that’s not right

Well now that the marathon is over it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled blog posts and since this is the second post the next one should be out in 2 months … just kidding, anyway this post is about exposure tables.

Now if  you were around a while ago and saw the first post you’d know that we need an exposure unit to burn emulsion on a screen so we’d have a stencil that we’ll use to print the shirts (if you didn’t see that post you can view it here).

In the first post I previewed a design that’s pretty simple and I figured would work which is seen below:

but like I mentioned then, this design wouldn’t be up to the standards of shirts I wanna make so I started researching more.

From the t-shirt forum that I visited I was able to find a pdf designs for a exposure box to make

 while this all looks really good in theory I m not sure about getting neoprene blankets and vacuum tubes when I just want to get a exposure table set up

but this pdf did give me a great idea as to build my own box and just buy the light fixtures and everything like you see in the picture so I went to the internets’ greatest resource, youtube.

[youtube http://youtu.be/lgPy6qCa_xs]

after seeing this it put it into perspective how easily I’d be able to make this thing I’ll just go to the store buy some wood and some shop lights and be all set … right?

well not exactly, the shop lights I went to the store and bought take a newer kind of bulb labeled T8 32 watt ( darn you al gore and your energy efficiency)  and the kind of light fixtures I need take the older T12 20 watt bulbs so I went back to lowes after watching the next video and bought the exact same kind of fixtures he uses.

[youtube http://youtu.be/Mxxx5c9GB7w]

after seeing this master piece I checked out some of his other videos and his website http://www.screenprintingguy.com/ which were a big help since this showed me exactly the things I need to buy.

so after having a staff meeting with some friends inside lowes and calling local up to ask him the details we decided that my friend is gonna build the table for us and then we’ll be printing out TSG shirts in no time

well in theory, anyway in my next blog post I’ll be covering inks and other screen printing related items.



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  1. What can’t the internet teach us. Kmm you and the rest of the team are what keep making this place awesome, hope everything turns out the way you want it.

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