Tee S G #3: Delivery

Well everyone if you’ve been listening to me complain over the last few weeks you’d know I ordered some screen printing items from amazon. Of those items is the book “How to print T-Shirts for fun and profit” and the speed ball screen printing starter kit. The screen printing kit isn’t the real thing just yet but just one of those shirt printing sets you’d get from a hobby store and it’ll be a good practice before we get to the real shirt printing and supplies also the book that I ordered is incredible it has designs and tips and everything about screen printing and how to make things from home and it’s going to be a big help with everything. After the break is some unboxing pictures of the kit and the book.



Here’s a picture of the book we’re using,

this thing is the ultimate guide to screen printing the people who wrote it have been printing shirts since the 60’s


Now lets start with the unboxing of the screen printing kit

Looking good so far no paint spilled everywhere or anything like that

got some lovely red ink (there’s also blue and gray)

Thanks to the book I actually know what this is, when I opened this bottle I was a little scared

since it seemed it had been almost empty and it might’ve opened or they gave me an empty bottle

but it turns out that this little bottle mixed with warm water is what makes the emulsion stuff sensitive to light and that we’ll use for the stencil

Here is the emulsion like I mentioned above

This bottle is for exactly what it says, drawing, using this stuff you’re able to paint on the emulsion

and print whatever artistic design you want

This bottle is for removing the emulsion and reclaiming the screen so we can print a different design with it

This little bottle here is for filling in the area around the emulsion and screen

keeping the screen all sealed up makes sure the only ink going through is from where we want it

Here we have instructions and other little utensils they added to make things easier

Here’s the squeegee that we’ll use to apply inks etc.

And finally a picture of the screen.

I tried to take a picture that would show off how high the mesh count was the camera would just get blurry so trust me it’s pretty high

Keep in mind all the things I’ve just shown you are beginner things and aren’t exactly the same kind of tools I’ll be using to make the shirts;

but it shouldn’t take me too long to start gathering those things up.

Hope you all enjoyed the unboxing of everything be sure to check out the next blog post where I’ll be covering inks and how to have the softest hands.

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