Tee S G #4: Blinky Pinky “Inky” and clyde

Here at TSG we’re not bashful (unless you count Jagger asking that girl out) so I m going to teach you all a little something about screen printing inks and some magical things we can make happen.

Plastisol VS Water Based

 First let me point out the two different types of inks there are Plastisol and Water based. As you can deduce from the names Plastisol is a type of ink that contains plastics or pvc’s that it uses to print images on the shirt while Water based inks are made up of mostly water and the small amount of solvents that are in it are used to dye the shirt.

Below is a picture I took from the book to show you what I mean, you can see that the Plastisol ink simply lays over and wraps around the fibers of the shirt while Water based and other ink’s soak in and dye the fibers.


Having the softest hands

No I m not selling dish soaps now what I mean by having the softest hands is the feel of the shirt; have you ever had a shirt and the image felt really hard or you could tell that there was something that was put on the shirt

well now you can happily tell all your friends how smart you are by pointing out that it’s plastisol. Shirts printed with plastisol usually have a moderate to hard  feel to them and shirts that are printed with water based inks are as

soft as the fabric that they’re printed on. The proper term for the way the shirt feels is the “hand” (which is referring to the the softness and way the garment feels).

Which is better?

You must be saying by now wow if plastisol is so noticeable why does anyone use it well there are several reasons: plastisol is easier to work with, you can print on just about anything with it,you can add lots of different effects with hardly any hassel and the image color is always printed correctly (and honestly if we had the equipment we would go with plastisol since it’s the industry standard).

Water based inks have their pros and cons also there’s a lot of tales about the ink drying in the screen and giving you all kinds of problems and having trouble printing on dark garments.

While each is good in their own way we’ll be starting off with water based just because it’d be the easiest, cheapest, and highest quality printing method we can do just starting.

Specialty Inks

Now since we’re just starting off we’ll only have simple one color prints on shirts but as we go on we’ll have muticolored and maybe some of the special types like below

Half Tones





(be sure to check out the original article from screenweb.com where I got these examples from)

and that pretty much wraps things up for now, if anyone has any questions or anything leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them in the next post.

not sure what the next blog post will be about maybe printing equipment, heat transfers, or some other thing you haven’t heard of (yet) anyways stay tuned everyone and I’ll see you next time.

(side note if you haven’t noticed I’m still learning how to use wordpress so now we actually have titles for things)



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  1. Alright, here’s a question for the next post: If the aspiring artists of the community, possibly myself included, wanted to submit a design for TSG to put on the shirts, how would we go about doing it?

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