Tee S G #5: I’ve been framed

This post will probably be the last of the updates (for now) about the details and nitty gritty of things and afterward you should start seeing videos and pictures of us making everything and getting started. But for this blog post I m gonna cover screen printing frames.

Now lets talk about frames, you can make a frame outta anything old picture frame put some wood together etc. and you just stretch a mesh over it and staple it down.

Lets look at an example:

The Frames

(disregard the water mark)

As you can see it ‘s merely a frame with mesh attached to it. They come in metal and wood and some even come in a roller design where you’re able to take the mesh out after it’s gotten old and add a new one.

Roller Frames

The aluminum and roller frames are better but they also cost more, especially the roller frames which require a special machine to stretch the mesh so we’ll be going with the wood frames at first.

Screen Mesh

Screen mesh is pretty straight forward, a synthetic fabric (like cheese cloth or any other mesh) that we use to hold the design and push our ink through.

Traditionally screen printing was done with silk so it’s not uncommon to hear screen printing referred to as silk screen printing.

Having the right mesh is important for what type of print you’re making, if it’s something detailed you want a really high mesh count around 250 or if it’s just a normal design you’d go with a 90 or 110 mesh count

(think of mesh count as thread count,  the more threads you have in your 100% Egyptian cotton sheets the cooler you are)

(thread count was a terrible analogy)

moving on now we come to the update portion of today’s blog post


If any of you happen to follow me on twitter you’d know that I bought a laser printer and some transparencies so I can get things started already so here’s a few pictures of that.

look at that sweet laser printer, I went to like 8 different walmarts trying to find this;

I ended up buying it online in a combo with some printer paper and a 4 gig flash drive for just a dollar more.

Then after I hooked everything up thought I’d try printing out some  transparencies see how they look

They came out pretty nice but somehow I forgot how to computer and printed off 3 of the same thing, good thing I bought 25 of these things.

Conclusion and Q & A

That’s it for this blog post, I might come up with more things to post about if we don’t have any progress on the TeeSG factory

now lets answer  some questions from last week:


“If the aspiring artists of the community, possibly myself included,wanted to submit a design for TSG to put on the shirts, how would we go about doing it?” – untuxable

Well  there’s nothing at the moment, but since you mentioned this idea jdtwins and me have been throwing around the idea of limited run community prints

maybe a contest or something with the community, and we’d have ana or someone recreate the art if it’s not up to shirt quality. but for now anyway I m going to say stay tuned.

(if you’d like to submit a question about anything leave it in the comments and I’ll answer it in the next blog post)


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