The Binding of Isaac is why I am emo

Hey everyone this is Chase and I just wanted to post a 16 minute video of me getting owned in The Binding of Isaac which is on my new youtube channel ChaseTSG! I hope you enjoy it and please subscribe. Oh yah and I will fix that stupid gray box that appears for 10 seconds in my next videos. Sorry! XD

One thought on “The Binding of Isaac is why I am emo”

  1. You have much to learn young grasshopper (chase-hopper? I dunno), but so long as you explore more for every play, take more risks, and use bombs to get things, you’ll be fine. Also a trip to the wiki wouldn’t hurt. I guess for the black bar, I’d put maybe isaac’s current stats, or what floor you’re on, or what items you have, I dunno just a thought, and depending on the game that might work for others as well.

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