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Hello community,
We all know that bills suck but they’re part of life. Recently the suckage has been tenfold with student loans coming to fruition and rent going up. In our little over 4 years of existence we have always payed for the web hosting and database out of pocket as well as shipping fees for the prizes that we give out at marathons. It is now catching up to me and I’m asking for a bit of help from you guys. I’m going to set a goal of $80 a month for the web hosting/database fees and to also help offset shipping costs which you guys can help contribute to through a chipin on the right hand side of our website and on top of the forums. Any donation would be much appreciated. I’d like to do something each month to show thanks.  Each month that we hit the $80 goal, that next Sunday my brother and I will do a 3 hour stream as a thank you to the community. For every $10 over the goal we will stream an additional hour capping at an additional 12 hours. On top of that, we will have a sponsor’s page to pay tribute to those who have helped. Leave in your chipin comment what name you would like on the sponsors page as long as it’s appropriate.  We will also be giving away steam games each month to a random donor. To get on the sponsor page or in the steam raffle, you have to donate at least a dollar.

Thank you for the continued support from the community. We look forward to helping many more great causes.

Update #2 Tomorrow (Sunday September 1st) from 3pm-6pm Chase and I will stream Mari0, a Mario 1/Portal co-op flash game. It looks like it will be a lot of fun and entertaining to watch. Then on Sunday October 7th, I’ll be streaming from Noon to Midnight for crushing our September goal.

The next Chipin widget reset will be October 1st.

Update: We’ve already surpassed our goal! You guys are great! Since there is only a week left in August the money will be going toward the month of September’s goal. This means you guys will probably accumulate a lot of bonus hours for September. As a thank you for such a great start, I’ll be streaming next Sunday, September 2nd. I‘m still trying to figure out what time would be best for the viewers and then I’ll update this post with the time.

10 thoughts on “Want to help TSG?”

  1. I hope that I can donate at least a little bit. I know exactly what you mean, my family this year has really been punched in the gut by bills. Best of luck to all you guys at TSG.

  2. I just donated $10, I’ll do anything to help out TSG. 🙂

    EDIT – I also forgot to write in my Chipin comment what I want my sponsor name thingy to be, just make it my username 16BitGeek.

  3. Definitely donated and I hope I can give a lil each month. I don’t post on the forums much but I will always support this group and community. It’s one of the best I’ve personally ever seen and I’m glad to support it for the hundreds of hours of entertainment it’s given me and others.

  4. This brings up the question of where the money that went toward the TSG HQ a long while back went to. Are you already using it to cover hosting? That’s something I’d totally be okay with.

    1. It’s all been tucked away I believe. I’m fine with whatever happens with the TSG HQ prior funds. Hopefully HQ will become a thing in the future, but if not that money can be used for running TSG or donate it all to charity as the original back up plan.

    2. It’s still tucked away like JD said. Right now we are still holding onto the idea of the HQ, however if it doesn’t come to light we will let you guys decide what to do with it. Maybe we all could come up with another grand scheme. At the very least, we can donate it to charity.

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