New Event: TheSpeedGamers Arts Festival [UPDATE]

UPDATE:  We have decided to extend the submission period to the 23rd of September at 8 PM CST.
This means that the voting period will go from September 24-29 and we will announce the winners on September 30th.

Thanks for participating, and good luck!

Hey everyone!
The Marketing team and I would like to formally announce our next event:  TheSpeedGamers Arts Festival
This event is a place for our community to show off their artistic ability, and have a chance to win in the process.

The theme to the Arts Festival will be what brought all of us together: Video Games. All submissions need to be video game related.

UPDATED Schedule
The Arts Festival will be taking place from September 2nd through September 30th. The general schedule of this event is:
– September 2 – 23: Entry and screening period; submissions will be accepted up to 8PM CST on September 23.
– September 24 – 29: Voting period (ends at 8PM CST on 9/29).
– September 30: The four winners will be announced at 8PM CST.
*While we wont be accepting submissions till the 2nd of September we do encourage you to start working on your art now so you can have the extra bit of time to work on it.


We know that everyone has their own way of being artistic, from singing to drawing, so we’ve put together four general categories to encompass as many of the outlets as possible. These four catagories are:
Visual Art: Includes visual creations, such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography, digital art (Photoshop, MS Paint, GIMP, etc), comic strips, and so on. Visual art submissions are limited to a single image with any set of dimensions up to 1200×1200 pixels.     *We ask that all entrants to the Visual Art  category to use a different watermark on their art than what they normally use, to keep it from being recognizable during the voting period.

Video: Includes all video projects, ranging from stop-motion,  animation, to live action films, and anything in between. Video submissions must be no fewer than 2 minutes, and no more than 8 minutes long.

Music: Any vocal, instrumental, digital, or otherwise musical performances fall under this category. Musical submissions must be no fewer than 1 minute, 30 seconds, and no more than 5 minutes long.

Writing: All written pieces belong here. Can be short stories, fanfiction, poems, analyses, and other types of writing. Written submissions must be no more than 1,500 words long.
*If you’re not sure what category your submission should be posted under you can contact a member of the Marketing team.

All submissions should be sent to with which category you’re entering in the subject title (i.e. [Visual Art], [Music], [Video], [Writing]).
Each submission will be screened by Marketing to make sure that it’s appropriate and has followed the rules.

The rules for this event, besides the category specific rules stated above in the description of each category, are as follows.
– All entries must be PG and/or family friendly. Participants may enter a maximum of two categories, but may only have one entry per category. In the event that someone tries to enter more than one entry in a single category, only their first submission will be accepted. Submitting any art that is not created by the submitter will result in an instant disqualification.

Once the submission period is over (September 2 – 23) the voting period will start and take place from September 24 – 29.
Entries will be showcased on the forum, but voting will be held via email, to keep the results hidden until we announce them. Voters should send their votes for all four categories in a single email to Title the subject as “Voting”

Everyone who participates will receive a medal.
The four category winners will each receive a $25 digital Amazon gift card, or a $50 card if they enter and win two categories, and their entries will be showcased on the blog.

Have fun and good luck!

16 thoughts on “New Event: TheSpeedGamers Arts Festival [UPDATE]”

  1. I think I’m definitely gonna enter this one! Got some lyrics written up for a tribute song to what I believe is a pretty popular game amongst our community. The real test will be if you guys can stand my singing haha

  2. Question: The recently released Source Filmmaker by Valve has included options to both record videos, and to take pictures using the props/effects included in it. Are we allowed to use Source Filmmaker for any of the entries, or will there be any legal issues/other problems with using Valve IP?

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