Community member and streamer GiraffesareDope will be streaming Dark Souls throughout the month of October and giving away prizes. You can watch it all from live.thespeedgamers.com

Follow the break for a description on how to win as well as the rules.

From Giraffe’s forum post

Darktoberfest Rules

-Darktoberfest will be a four week stream event where the viewers (that’s you guys!) will have the opportunity to win prizes. It will start Tuesday October 6th and end on Thursday October 25th .
-Throughout the month I will be streaming Dark Souls every Tuesday and Thursday, with three trivia questions prepared. There will be two video game trivia questions, one worth a single point and one worth two points. The third trivia question will be worth three points, and will be TSG related.
-You will pick ONE question a day to answer. If you submit more than one answer I’ll contact you to choose one of them, but only the first time. If you do it a second time you will simply not receive any points that day. But Giraffes, what’s to stop me from just Binging the answer on Google? A time limit, that’s what! From the time I open the floor for answers you will have 5 minutes to answer the question you choose. The answers will need to be submitted to me (GiraffesAreDope) through PM on twitch.tv. These are timestamped so I will know whether you got it in before the time limit is up. DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE CHAT! If you post your answer in the chat I will deduct points from your total and that question will be voided. No replacement question. You’re ruining life for everyone if you post your answer in the chat SO DO NOT DO THAT YA DINGUS!
-There will be a running tally of everyone’s points, and at the end of the month whoever has the most points will win a Steam game of their choosing ($60 or less). Runners up will receive a Steam copy of Dead Space 2 (for second place) and Costume Quest (for third place).
-There will also be a death counter keeping track of how many times I die throughout the month. From the day of this posting up until when Darktoberfest starts on October 2nd you will post your guess in this thread. Whoever gets closest will win a copy of Dark Souls Prepare to Die on Steam. These guesses need to be in increments of 5 (ie no picking a number that’s just 1 above what someone else guessed). You can pick any number you want, they don’t have to be multiples of 5. You just can’t pick a number with a difference less than 5 from the number someone else guessed.

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    1. Actually it starts tomorrow night at 7:30 PM CST!
      Get a guess in for the amount of deaths and closest one to the final count wins Dark Souls on Steam!

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