TSG’s Week Ahead (10/10)

Whats going on this week for TheSpeedGamers?

-We will be announcing the charity we are gaming for (Mario Marathon) within the next week.

-Local has implemented a chat into the top of our forums, go check it out!

-Local has also added a sponsors page that shows everyone who has donated to support TSG’s costs.

-Community member KyleTheDarkN has converted our Pokemon marathon recordings so I will start putting together a retrospective for our youtube.

-Giraffes continues Darktoberfest  this evening (Wednesday 10/10) @7:30 pm as well as tomorrow night on live.thespeedgamers.com. Also, if you’re up a bit late, there is a late night stream of Worms Revolution tonight from 11pm-2am.

-This Friday (10/12) is our Free Game Friday giveaway stream from 8pm-10pm. Giraffe’s will be doing Cave Story for FGF.

The 3rd annual Pumpkin Carving contest topic is up.

-That ever so elusive podcast should also be recorded sometime this week.


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