TSG’s Week Ahead (10/16)

There’s not too much new going on this week for us. We’ve already announced our upcoming Mario Marathon charity as the Make-a-Wish Foundation and now we’re preparing the creative side of the marathon and also practicing our games.

Our game list so far is: Mario 1, Lost Levels, Mario 2, Mario 3, Super Mario World, Super Mario World 100%, Super Mario World 2, Mario 64 DS, Sunshine, Mario Galaxy, Mario Galaxy 2, NSMB Wii, , NSMB DS, NSMB 2 3ds, Super Mario Rpg, Mario and Luigi Superstar,  Paper Mario, NSMB Wii U, Mario Land 1 ,Mario Land 2, Mario 3d Land, Mario Kart, Mario Party

Other upcoming:

-I’m going to upload the Pokemon Ranch Pictures from our previous marathon on to our forums.

-More Darktoberfest tonight (Tuesday) and the next two evenings starting at 7:30pm central. You can watch on live.thespeedgamers.com

-We’re just a couple of weeks away from our community’s Luigi Appreciation Month. Prizes will be given away through various forum games/activities. More details soon.




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