TSG’s Week Ahead (10/23)

It’s time once again to give you guys the low down on what we’ve accomplished this past week and what to look forward to in the week ahead.

Podcast 26 was finally released. We talked about several subjects that revolved around the WiiU. We plan on recording ep 27 sometime in the next 2 weeks.

-I’m about 40% done with the 2013 marathon’s promo. I plan on posting it sometime in early November.

-The November 12-hour stream to thank our community for demolishing our October goal will be on Sunday November 25th from noon until midnight (central). We have been setting an $80 goal each month to offset website fees as well as shipping fees. It has gone spectacularly. Thank you guys so much for your support! Typically the stream will be at the beginning of the month but because of other commitments I have early on in the month I think the last weekend would work better.

-The marketing team will be hosting a community event starting in just over a week called “Luigi Appreciation Month”. Details will be posted in the forums soon. Sign up to the forums and participate to win some sweet prizes.

-The Pumpkin carving contest only has about a week left so be sure to get your submissions in!

-Giraffes continues on with his playthrough of Dark Souls for Darktoberfest.  He will be streaming Tu (tonight),Wed and Thurs starting at 7:30pm each evening.

-It seems we have a scuffle going on in the forums for the battle of admin supremacy. KmmGreen vs  JdTwins

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