Hey kids! Just letting you know that I’m working hard on Obligatory Ice Level Day for December, and I need your help! I would really like to make a soundtrack this year, so if you’re good at game remixes, give it a shot! Also if you’re good at mastering tracks, let me know!

Just make sure:

1) It’s music for an ice level. Specifically, a song particularly written for an ice level. Generic songs that happen to be re-used in snowy levels are a little too off-topic for the holiday, so try to pick one that was meant to be for those kinds of stages!

2) You work hard on it! Don’t just take the original song and put a beat on it. Give it some effort! A lot of people will hear your song, so do it right!

3) It’s done by December 1st. I’m giving a little leeway on this, but don’t slack off. The soundtrack is meant to help promote the marathon, so I’d prefer to have it completed by the 1st.

E-mail your submissions to oddmonsters¬† @ gmail . com if you’re interested!

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