TSG’s Week Ahead (11/28)

Where has the time gone?! We are only a little over two weeks away from our Mario Marathon for the Make a Wish Foundation. It will start at 6pm central and last 72 hours.

We need all of your help promoting the event. Whether you are contacting a blog/website to spread the word or promoting through social media, it makes a huge difference in the success of our events. Any way that you can spread the word will be greatly appreciated.

During our last stream Caden (YellowPepper) revealed that he is donating a Wii U deluxe to give away during our marathon. This can be a helpful tool for promotion. I’ll be making a video soon going over our inventory of prizes.

-In case you missed it, here’s a preview of our 2013 marathon schedule.

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  1. Sweet line up, Britt! Super excited for the Halloween Marathon, this has got to be your first mixed-game marathon, isn’t it? The whole year looks great, though. I’m sure you guys are going to do great!

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