TSG’s Week Ahead (11/7)

Here we go..another wrap up of what’s gone on in TSGville and what to expect in the week to come.

Jazz just posted about this year’s Obligatory Ice Level Day. Be sure to give it a read and help if you would like!

Luigi Awareness month is now underway. Check out the forum to participate and to also have a shot to win prizes.

-Cameron recorded a promo for our upcoming Mario Marathon which will be out soon! We had a lot of fun recording it and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

-The 2013 marathon promo is also just about complete but I’m trying to decide when we should release it. I might hold off until the 25th and show it during my 13 hour stream.

-November’s goal of $80 to help pay for TSG’s web and shipping fee’s has already been met! You guys are incredible. Thank you all for making TSG possible.

-(repost) “The November 12-hour stream to thank our community for demolishing our October goal will be on Sunday November 25th from noon until midnight (central). We have been setting an $80 goal each month to offset website fees as well as shipping fees. It has gone spectacularly. Thank you guys so much for your support! Typically the stream will be at the beginning of the month but because of other commitments I have early on in the month I think the last weekend would work better.”

-I swear on a baby seal that I will finally get around to uploading the Pokemon Ranch photos from our previous marathon.

To end the post, what you do you guys and gals think should be our donation goal for the 72 hour Mario Marathon?

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