Obligatory Ice Level Day SOUNDTRACKS!

Yep, I have not only helped bring you some ice level tunes, but I have righted a great wrong! Find out more after the cut!

Yep that’s right! We have an OILD ’12 soundtrack! And not only that, we have an OILD ’11 soundtrack too! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? TIME TRAVEL? WIZARDS??? Well yes. But also I tried to put together the ’11 soundtrack at the last second, but I couldn’t do it in time. But now we have both!

The OILD ’11 soundtrack has these great remixes, straight from TSG’s community!:

1. Kylethedarkn- “Freezery”
(“Freezeezy Peak” from Banjo-Kazooie)

2.  Kylethedarkn – “Frozen Wasteland”
(“Snowpeak” from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

3.  PKGamerB – “Tedious Tundra”
(“Ice Path” from Pokémon Gold/Silver)

Freezery is a very fun, bouncy remix! I’ve listened to it a lot since the first time I heard it! Frozen Wasteland is a very lonely, solemn mix that really fits the Snowpeak stage. Tedious Tundra is a fun mix that will really dig itself into your brain!

The OILD ’12 soundtrack has two great tracks by two great artists! One is Joshua Morse, who’s done previous OILD soundtracks, and the other is newcomer Ravepulse! Make sure check out their sites, and PLEASE vote for Ravepulse in this competition here! The OILD ’12 soundtrack has only two tracks, but they’re great stuff!

1.  Ravepulse – “People of the North Pole”
(from Final Fantasy X)

2.  Joshua Morse – “Aptenodytes”
(“Cold Man” from Mega Man & Bass)

The People of the North Pole mix is really great and catchy, and Mr. Morse’s mix will really get your feet moving! Check them both out!

A HUUUUGE thanks to everyone who’s provided music over the years! These songs are a really fun gift for the community for all their help in raising so much money for charity. Go ahead and listen to these great songs! You’ve earned it!

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