OILD: Cool Cool Mountain

DAY 12! DAY 12! DAY 12! Yes, it’s finally here! Day 12 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! The Mario marathon is on December 14th, when we’ll be raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation! Tune in for some awesome games and sweet prizes, like handmade wooden item blocks and a Wii U Deluxe! C’mon, don’t wait! Get the word out! This marathon’s bound to be a classic! It’ll be something people talk about for some time to come. So we need to bring out the big guns for this one. That’s why today’s ice level is Cool, Cool Mountain, from Mario 64!

I have had this screenshot for YEARS and I have never done this level until now. Let’s fix that right now!

So, Mario 64. Do I even need to explain this game? Might as well! Mario 64 was one of the first games for the Nintendo 64. Before that, Mario games were only in 2-D. And they were great games! In fact, they revolutionized gaming. But Nintendo was taking a big risk trying to bring the series into the third dimension. They really had to rethink what it meant to be in a Mario game.  What constituted as “reaching the goal” if the goal was no longer merely placed on the right side of the screen? How could enemies provide a challenge if you could merely walk around them? What new challenges could a 3-D game bring? Well, Nintendo managed to answer all of those questions and made a really great Mario game in the process, once again revolutionizing gaming. Mario 64 once again pits Mario against Bowser, only this time Mario had to jump through paintings in the princess’ castle in order to reach the different worlds. The various courses in the games had Power Stars, which you needed in order to open the door to Bowser himself. Collecting these stars involved accomplishing different goals like reaching certain parts of the stage, solving a puzzle, or beating up giant adorable monsters. It’s really no mystery why this game is a fan favorite.

As you can imagine, Cool Cool Mountain was a mountain covered in ice and snow. The stage has several fun ways to find stars. One of my favorite is titled Big Penguin Race. If you walk into a cabin on the mountain, there is a huge, icy slide. There’s a star there, but if you come back, you’ll find a giant penguin who challenges Mario a race! If you accept, the penguin will slide down, and you have to beat him to the star. If you get 120 stars, you can come back to find that the penguin is now a fatty, and he will challenge you to a more difficult race. Another star is titled Snowman’s Lost His Head. In this challenge, a (talking??) snowball tells Mario that it wants to become the body for a severed snowman head down below. You then have to guide the snowball as it rolls down the hill towards its new noggin. The funniest star is called Li’l Penguin Lost. For this star, Mario has to talk to a giant mother penguin. She says that her baby is missing and begs Mario to find her for her. The funny thing is, there are several identical penguin chicks walking around, and when you bring the wrong one, the mother admonishes you for OBVIOUSLY bringing her the wrong baby. Also the penguins just make weird noises anyway. APPROVED, MARIO 64!


Do we have music? Oh yes! Yes we do! All from Mario games! Ice Land is the overworld theme to the Winter Wonderland stage of Mario 3. Cool Cool Mountain is of course the theme to Mario 64’s Cool Cool Mountain! Cold Reception in Shiver City plays when you first reach Shiver City in Paper Mario! Snow Road of course plays when you’re on the snowy road outside of town. Starborn Valley Trail plays near the home of the baby stars. Over Shiver Mountain plays when you’re dodging adorable Frost Piranhas. Crystal Palace Crawl plays in the Crystal King’s lair. And finally, Freeze! plays during the battle against the Shiver Region’s boss. Vanilla Lake is the ice track from Super Mario Kart! Frappe Snowland is of course from Mario Kart 64. Sherbet Land is from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! And DK Summit is from Mario Kart Wii! Freezeflame Galaxy (Ice) is from Mario Galaxy! Freezy Flake Galaxy is from Mario Galaxy 2! And Frosted Glacier is from New Super Mario Bros. U!

As for remixes, we’ve got some nice Frappe Snowland remixes! Frappe Cafe Vibe is the mix used in the promo video, and it’s by Joshua Morse! Holiday Frappe is by Tweek! Party in the Snowland is by Darkesword! And Rainbow Snowland is by Dhsu!


So you were wanting some wallpapers, right? Like a ginormous one? Well guess what! KingKalamari’s got you covered with this adorable Cool Cool Mountain wallpaper! It’s freaking HUGE so it’ll look great even on giant screens!

Click for the full size! Also I mentioned this in the Taiga Biome post, but check out more of KingKalamari’s work  on DeviantArt! Plus find his comic greatness on Tumblr! Be sure to catch his comic anthology work at Premiere Pulp too! Seriously, give this dude a hand!

And SPEAKING of awesome, please check out the new OILD soundtracks! They’re full of great stuff from TSG community members Kylethedarkn and PKGamerB, plus a track by the always rad Joshua Morse and equally rad newcomer Ravepulse! Check out their sites, and PLEASE vote for Ravepulse in this competition here!















Well, that concludes the 12 Stages of Obligatory Ice Level Day! A HUGE thanks to KingKalamari, Zarla, Space Coyote, Squint, Joshua Morse, Ravepulse, PKGamerB, and Kylethedarkn for adding content! And a huge thanks to everyone who’s spread the word! Not just about OILD, but for the marathon itself! We’re going to raise a TON of money, I just know it! See you then!






… wait, didn’t I draw 13 pictures for OILD? Hmmmm, inteeeerrreeesssstiiiiiiinnnng……

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