OILD: Mount Vackel

Hey again! We’re entering day 7 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! Man, it’s only been a week and already we’ve gotten some sweet music and awesome guest content! You all are the best. We’re counting down to the Mario marathon on December 14th, when we’ll be raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation! Tune in for some awesome games and sweet prizes, like handmade wooden item blocks and a Wii U Deluxe! You know what RPGs need more of? Talking frogs with dog ears! And 40-year-old warrior women! And giant fish! And four-armed cats! And a ruler who joins in on battles! And a goofy kid hero who actually has a reason to act like a hero despite being a goofy kid! That’s why today’s ice level is Mount Vackel, from The Last Remnant!

Yep, Mount Vackel. You may be surprised to learn that the giant mechanical whatever beast-thing there is actually one of the good guys.

The Last Remnant is a very weird game. The battle system is nigh incomprehensible, but the story is actually pretty fun. The story takes place in a world full of “Remnants,” which are basically “magical macguffins that do stuff.” Some Remnants are weapons, some protect entire cities, some inspire creativity in people… the list goes on. The main character is Rush Sykes, a kid who finds himself in the middle of a war as he searches for his kidnapped sister. Luckily for him, he meets David, a noble but rash marquis who makes it his mission to help him. Over the course of the game, Rush finds out why his sister was taken, and realizes there’s a lot more at stake than one person’s life. The story is pretty neat and the characters were pretty likable! Though like I said, the battle system is very hard to implement, so you might not want to dive into this game unless your flawless computerized mind can figure out how to make it work.

Mount Vackel is a huge, snowy mountain in the north. You actually have to work your way through it to get to an important part of the game. While you’re there, you’ll probably run into a few monsters, like the draconic Brynhildr or the beastly Sugriva. Mount Vackel is pretty uneventful the first time you go through it, but if you complete certain quests, you can engage in a huge battle on Harphlus Pass, an area on the mountain. This battle is against two recurring bosses named Roeas and Castanea, as well as their personal army.

“Oh Cyclops, you’re a great friend!” “BBLLLLLGGGHHRRRRHHHH!!!” “Haha, you said it, big guy!”

And now for music! Mount Vackel doesn’t have a unique song, so let’s look at some other RPG ice level tunes! The Mines of Narshe is the theme of Narshe, from Final Fantasy 6. There’s also Umaro’s Theme, the song that plays when you recruit Umaro the yeti in FF6. And there’s Buried in Snow, the theme to the Great Glacier area in Final Fantasy 7! There’s also Ice Cavern, the theme to the stage of the same name, from Final Fantasy 9! But let’s not forget People of the North Pole, from Final Fantasy 10! It’s another great ice level tune. There’s also Snowman from the Famicom classic Mother, as well as the Earthbound/Mother2, Mother 3, and Smash Brothers Brawl versions of the song. And there’s A Wish and Eight Ringing Bells from Secret of Mana! There’s also Chocobo’s Happy Christmas, which appears on the Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon soundtrack.

REEEMIX! Umaro Uematsu is a remix of Umaro’s Theme by Quinn Fox! Light and Flakey is a remix of Buried in Snow, and it’s by Heath Morris! There are also some mixes of People of the North Pole! Twilight of Ivory is by Palpable, White Skies (club mix) is by bLiNd, and Journey’s End is a haunting vocal mix by GrayLightning, pixietricks, and sephfire. As for Snowman, here are Snowbound, by bLiNd, Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Scientist Boy by Adhesive_Boy, and The Great Blizzard of 9X by halc! For A Wish, here are Ice Crystal Fields Forever by Zeratul and Dirge for The Frosty Plains by mp!









Remember, TSG’s Mario Marathon starts on December 14th! You might win a Wii U Deluxe if you donate! All the money goes straight to the Make A Wish Foundation, so tune in and help out a great cause! Spread the word and you might win some digital games!

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