OILD: Rally King’s Snow Mountain

Hello again! It’s day 5 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! We’re counting down to the Mario marathon on December 14th, when we’ll be raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation! Tune in for some awesome games and sweet prizes, like handmade wooden item blocks and a Wii U Deluxe! So, who here considers themselves a game master? What about a retro game master? Do you think you can really beat the chief of old video games? Yes, today’s ice level is Rally King’s Snow Mountain, from Game Center CX/Retro Game Challenge!

Yeah, Snow Mountain! A lot of people thought Rally King was too difficult, but I enjoyed it!

Normally I don’t do licensed games for OILD, but Game Center CX is a notable exception. It’s based on the hit Japanese TV show starring comedian Shinya Arino. In the show, Arino is challenged to beat different old games. However, he isn’t some kind of superpowered gamer. Arino is a mere mortal, and as such the games usually prove to be rather difficult. Armed with nothing but the instruction manual, the occasional strategy guide, forehead cooling pads, and snacks provided by fans, the chief goes toe-to-toe against some of the hardest games ever made. In the DS game, Arino is said to be driven mad by all those difficult games, and in fact goes so insane that he somehow turns into a digital demon. You are then sent back to the 80’s, where you find Arino as a child, and you two proceed to beat different games in order to appease the dastardly Arino-demon. What, does that sound too silly? Well, the guy IS a comedian, after all!

GCCX/Retro Game Challenge has a collection of games designed by Arino himself. And they’re all actually pretty fun! They’re small, but they really do capture the feel of old games. On the top screen is the game, and on the bottom screen you can take notes or look up tips in fake game magazines. I know I’m dating myself here, but it really does feel a lot like playing video games as a kid back then. One of the games is called Rally King, and it’s a racing game. The controls are awkward, your car can die, and there are AI cars that might run you off the road. Pretty accurate, I gotta say! And like a lot of racing games, Rally King has an ice track! The game calls it “Snow Mountain,” and it makes your car even harder to control. But on the plus side, there are some adorable snowmen in the background! So that balances out!


Hooray for music! GCCX doesn’t really have an ice level song, so let’s look at some ice level songs from games featured on the show! Ice Forest is from Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts! Northwall is from Actraiser! Northern Hemispheres and Ice Cave Chant are from Donkey Kong Country!

And what’s more, each of these songs have remixes! Ice Mountain Symphony is a remix of the Ice Forest, and it’s by McVaffe! Conquering the North Wall is a Northwall remix by Amaranthine Skies, for the monthly Dwelling of Duels competition. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll find it! Chekan Winter is a remix of Northern Hemispheres, and it’s by Jason Covenant! Christmas Cave is a remix of Ice Cave Chant, and it’s by Deimos!


So, I’m just going to totally namedrop and say that I’m friends with Space Coyote, the rad-to-the-max comic artist who translates a ton of Game Center CX episodes. And I’m also going to brag and say that I’ve watched her translations since long before GCCX even existed! I’ve even watched Japanese shows wherein she was standing next to the screen and just explaining what was going on. HA! EAT IT, NOOBS! THIS IS MY CLAIM TO FAME NOW!

Okay so seriously, Space is awesome and even drew this rad GCCX fanart for OILD! That feeling you’re experiencing is something scientists call “all the joy in the universe.”


 But that’s not all! I figure this would be the perfect time to give you an episode of GameCenter CX! This episode is for Night of the Kamaitachi, a visual novel (or more accurately, a sound novel) about a murder mystery in a snowed-in ski lodge. I figured this would be a nice episode to show, since the game was never released in America and the whole game takes place in the snow.

But wait! There’s more! Arino also starred in a GCCX special called the “North Trip.” In it, he goes on a journey to find the northernmost arcade in Japan. It’s pretty neat because he visits a lot of nice little gaming spots along the way. I decided this might be a fun video to include since northern Japan can get incredibly cold and snowy, so it fits the theme! Not to mention it’s just an adorable special in general. I’ve always wanted to do a similar special for TSG. Maybe some day!







Remember, TSG’s Mario Marathon starts on December 14th! You might win a Wii U Deluxe if you donate! All the money goes straight to the Make A Wish Foundation, so tune in and help out a great cause! Spread the word and you might win some digital games!


With Space Coyote’s help, I tweeted to Arino about TSG! AND HE REPLIED!


So anyway, I linked him to this post, and he responded with “Oh! America! Careful not to put your controller in your hamburger and eat it!” Which is awesome because (A) he has 60,000 followers, and (B) he says “careful” as if that happens all the time in America. I mean it does, but who told him??


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