OILD: Taiga Biome

Day four! It’s day four of Obligatory Ice Level Day, your one-stop shop event for all your obligatory ice level needs! We’re counting down to the Mario marathon on December 14th, when we’ll be raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation! Tune in for some awesome games and sweet prizes, like handmade wooden item blocks and a Wii U Deluxe! You know, early this year we had a Pokémon marathon that was full of surprises. One of those surprises was when Notch, creator of Minecraft, showed up in the chat! Everyone flooded the place just for a chance to talk to the master himself, and it ended up shutting down the site for a bit. So what better way to remember that awesome moment than to show off the Tiaga Biome, from Minecraft?

Aww, isn’t it pretty? And blocky? And pretty blocky?

Minecraft is basically the Legos of video games. And yes, by that I mean the game is made up of blocks. You have a ton of different environments, and you spend your time harvesting materials in order to build things in those environments. Why? Because building is fun, that’s why! There are also a ton of animals walking around, some of which you can even keep as pets! Aww, how cute. Minecraft’s adorably simple graphics mean the worlds in it are ginormous, so you can really do a lot in the game! I imagine that’s why so many people get sucked into it, only to emerge weeks later and discovering that they haven’t eaten or slept in quite some time.

The taiga biome is one of the many ecosystems in the game. It’s characterized by its green grass, snowfall, freezing water, and mountainous landscape. This biome has a few resources to use, including coal, pine, and cobblestone.  But the thing that really sets this level apart are the wolves! Now you might be thinking “wolves? I don’t want to be covered in wolves!” But meeting a wolf in Minecraft is different. If you leave out some meat or prey, a pack might show up. And if you’re nice to the pack and give them bones and such, you can actually tame the wolves! These cute doggies will then follow you around and help you attack things. And the taiga biome’s one of the few places you can find them!

Aww, won’t you tame it and make it your buddy forever?

So yeah! Music! Minecraft doesn’t have any ice songs, so let’s take a look at another video game wolf! Northern Country Kamui is from Okami, a game about a Japanese sun goddess that takes the form of a wolf. But that’s not the only ice song in the game! There’s also Wep’keer, the theme of a village in Kamui. Oki’s Theme plays when Oki, a shapeshifting warrior, shows up. Wakwu Shrine is a creepy song that plays when you enter the shrine on the way to the demons causing hard blizzards in Kamui. And The Twin Devils Lechku & Nechku’s Extermination plays during the subsequent boss fight.

REMIIIIX! Oki’s Theme (Guitar Mix) is a pretty slick rendition of Oki’s theme song, and it’s by Jam2995! I was pretty surprised to find this remix, so follow the download link on the video to get it for yourself!


What, did you think we were done with guest content? Of course not! Check out this sweeeeet Minecraft art by KingKalamari!

Click for the full size! Wouldn’t this make for a fine background for  your desktop? Check out more of KingKalamari’s work  on DeviantArt! Plus find his comic greatness on Tumblr! Be sure to catch his comic anthology work at Premiere Pulp too! Thanks KingKalamari! You are the best!






Remember, TSG’s Mario Marathon starts on December 14th! You might win a Wii U Deluxe if you donate! All the money goes straight to the Make A Wish Foundation, so tune in and help out a great cause! Spread the word and you might win some digital games!

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