OILD: The Vault

Ah, the third day of Obligatory Ice Level Day! I hope everyone’s having fun! This is all leading up to the Mario marathon on December 14th! We’re raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation! Tune in for some awesome games and sweet prizes, like handmade wooden item blocks and a Wii U Deluxe! So… you like prizes, right? What kind of prize? Weapons? Riches? How about a reward beyond your wildest dreams? Yes sir, today’s ice level is The Vault, from Borderlands!

Oh boy, the Vault! The ultimate goal of any Vault seeker! Which I guess is why they’re called “Vault seekers”…

Borderlands is a first-person shooter that focuses on collecting tons of weapons and items. It takes place on the planet of Pandora, but thankfully this Pandora isn’t full of gooey-eyed blue cat-people. For years, people have searched this world for the Vault, but nobody really knows what’s in it. Some think it’s a huge superweapon, others think it’s a temple full of treasure. Whatever’s in there, the hunters of Pandora will manipulate, intimidate, deceive, and kill anyone they have to if it means getting to this legendary cave.

The Vault is of course the final area. Throughout the entire game, you’ve fought giant monsters, violent cultists, insane bandits, and competing factions just to get here. The area here is actually pretty small. You’re on the top of a big mountain, and there’s constant snowfall. There’s even a big volcano in the distance, which is unusual for an ice level. There aren’t any enemies here to speak of, and the music is pretty ominous.

… oh, were you wondering what’s IN the Vault? Sorry, you’ll just have to play the game to see it yourself!


Yay music! Traveling to the Vault is of course from Borderlands! And hey, let’s throw in (FOR TOTALLY NO REASON AT ALL I’M SURE) Take the Snow Train from NiGHTS: Into Dreams, People of the North Pole from Final Fantasy 10, Arctic Caverns from Battletoads, Don’t Freeze from LaTale, and Rainbow Resort from Kirby’s Adventure!

Oh my, what’s this? Remixes?? Oh man, what a craaaaazy coincidence! Most of the songs today show up in the OILD ’10 Soundtrack! Man, what are the odds?

The full tracklist is:

1.  DCT – “The Polar Express”
(“Take the Snow Train” from NiGHTS: Into Dreams…)

2.  Joshua Morse – “Rondo Sanctuary”
(“People of the North Pole” from Final Fantasy X)

3.  Joshua Morse – “Ice Cave Dynamo”
(“Artic Caverns” from Battletoads)

4.  Joshua Morse – “Frost Byte”
(“Don’t Freeze” from LaTale)

5.  Select Start – “Rainbow Resort”
(from Kirby’s Adventure)

6.  Select Start – “Nite of Fate”
(from Kingdom Hearts)

–Plus a Special Bonus!–

7.  Select Start – “Yo’ster Island”
(from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)





Remember, TSG’s Mario Marathon starts on December 14th! You might win a Wii U Deluxe if you donate! All the money goes straight to the Make A Wish Foundation, so tune in and help out a great cause! Spread the word and you might win some digital games! Nester the Lark is doing his part! He’s posting about OILD on Tumblr! Thanks Nester, it’s a huge help! 😀 And hey, if anyone wants to tell Gearbox that they’re in OILD and what the marathon’s about, go for it!

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