Sketchin’!! – SHIRTS

Hey guys! Speed Demos Archive is doing their annual Awesome Games Done Quick marathon for the Prevent Cancer Foundation! They’re doing it RIGHT NOW so check it out if you want! But do you want a souvenir from your marathon watching time? Well, I got ya covered!

This is the “Dinosaur Land Fossil” shirt! You can buy it during AGDQ by going to, which is a nice little site that sells some sweet gaming shirts!

And this is the “Awful Games Done Quick” shirt, featuring four infamous losers of the gaming universe. You can buy it here, on the TheYetee!

$3 from every shirt sold goes to the charity, and they’re only on sale during this event, so check it out! There are some other excellent shirts on there too, so hey, might be a fun thing to spend your holiday money on!

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