Mega Comeback

I slept very well last night after 4 days of Mega Man. This event sure did have a flair for the dramatic.  You guys rallied from what seemed like an insurmountable deficit to hit our goal. We experienced some internet issues less than 24 hours into the event. At one point we were disconnecting every couple of minutes. By Saturday night things had resolved themselves and the internet was back in working condition. Thank you guys so much for sticking with us through those technical difficulties. Approximately $11,800 was raised for Rocking H Ranch. I had so much fun during this event and it was truly a team effort. I enjoyed meeting AlanEdgeHead and Metalman from the forums for the the first time. They were really cool guys to hang out with and huge assets to the team. I look forward to doing more marathons with them in the future. Also big props to our first time player Trombonus. He played during the wee hours of the morning and destroyed his games. We couldn’t have done it without you all.

Our head web guru Local did an incredible job creating his own substitute for chipin which we used during the marathon. He will be making it available for anyone else who would like to run their own gaming events. We will have updates on this on a later date.

Up next, our WEEK LONG FINAL FANTASY MARATHON!!! This is our biggest event of the year and it all begins MONDAY June 24 @6pm central and will end on Monday July 1st.

If you won a prize, emails will go out within the next week asking for shipping addresses.

Thanks again for another memorable marathon!

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