Sagema’s “Ithica”

Long time community member and game developer Sagema has a kickstarter that you guys might be interested in. Sagema has been working on his game Ithica since 1999 and now wants to take it to the next level.

“The game takes place on an alien world, an island. The name of the island is Ithica. It starts and it ends on Ithica. You play Fenril, the son of an archeologist Troy. Fenril visits after being away for 10 years. Upon arriving, he finds something has gone horribly wrong. Explore the island, and uncover mysteries of the past. Ithica’s being remade from its 1999 2d version in next gen 3d graphics, overhauled game play, new mini games, and original story.”

If you have any questions about his game, be sure to ask below and he will answer them. For more info, check out the link below!

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