The Week Ahead (9/15/13)

Whats going on this week with TheSpeedGamers?

-Pokemon X&Y Giveaway continues on through all of September. For more info check out our thread:

-Britt’s vlog will be up in the next few days giving details on more TSG news


This is what the week ahead looks like for our streamers on

Monday 9-16-13: 11pm-2am Legend of Dragoon with Metal Man!
Tuesday 9-17-13: 6pm-8pm Euro Truck Simulator With Squint, 8pm-2am Grand Theft Baltes
Wednesday 9-18-13: 6pm-9pm The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker w/ GendarmeOfficer, 9pm-12am Grand Theft Baltes
Thursday 9-19-13: 12am-2am Legend of Dragoon with Metal Man!, 12pm-2pm Rob Does What Rob Wants, 8pm-11pm Grand Theft Baltes, 11pm-2am Team Fortress Thursday with Metal Man
Friday 9-20-13: 11am-3pm Pokemon TCG (GBC) with Untuxable, 7pm-9pm Daski Streams! Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
Saturday 9-21-13: 2pm-7pm Reloading w/ Kairamek – FTL: Faster Than Light, 7pm-11pm Saturday Night’s Main Event: AlanEdgeHead Super Mario Sunshine
Sunday 9-22-13: 4pm-6pm Blaumagier Plays 3DS in 2D – Shantae


Here’s a highlight from the past week’s streams in case you missed out.

Kairamek Burning Through Space:

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