The Week Ahead (9/23)

Whats going on this week with TheSpeedGamers?

We are getting very close to our next marathon, Halloween Oct 18-21. There’s a lot for us to tackle before we are ready to roll for Halloween.  We’ve got our cause picked for the event but hopefully by the end of this week we will be able to announce the charity we are supporting.

-Our new mixer arrived that we will be using during our future marathons. I’ll stream a test soon on our Twitch page.

-FINALLY, a vlog for this week…I hope..

Here’s what we have going on streaming wise this week:
Monday 9-23-13: No Scheduled Shows
Tuesday 9-24-13: 6pm-8pm Euro Truck Simulator With Squint, 11pm-2am Legend of Dragoon with Metal Man
Wednesday 9-25-13: 7pm-10pm The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker w/ GendarmeOfficer, 10pm-2am Dragon Age Origins w/ Rob
Thursday 9-26-13: 11pm-2am legend of Dragoon with Metal Man
Friday 9-27-13: 11am-3pm Friday Afternoons with Untuxable (Help choose the game: ), 8pm-10pm Daski Streams! Amnesia: Machine for Pigs
Saturday 9-28-13: 2pm-8pm Reloading w/ Kairamek: L4D2
Sunday 9-29-13: 4pm-6pm Blaumagier Plays 3DS in 2D – Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (DSi Ware)

Highlights from last week’s streams:
“Double Kill”

“Fire and Failure”

“Tutorial Level”

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