The Week Ahead (10/6)

The test stream for our new mixer went relatively well this past week. We’ve ordered a few new mics and we will run another test stream this weekend.

WE ARE LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AWAY FROM OUR HALLOWEEN MARATHON!!!!! WOOOOO. We begin on Friday October 18th at 6pm and will play for 72 hours straight.

Here is a VERY rough schedule of what and when we will be playing. This could change significantly over the next 2 weeks.

Gameplay Schedule Draft 7
Friday 6pm-7:30pm Splatter House – Alan
7:30 pm-12:30am Costume Quest 1&2- Mayday
Saturday 12:30am-5am Outlast- Rob
Saturday 5am-10am Amnesia-Cheese
Saturday 10am-3pm Ghostbusters- Kairamek
Saturday 3pm-9pm Parasite Eve- Jaz
Saturday 9pm-12am Limbo- Ruju

Sunday 12am-5am Fatal Frame- Bear
Sunday 5am-10am Condemned- Britt
Sunday 10am-4pm Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate- Blaumagier
Sunday 4pm-5pm Ghosts ‘N Goblins: Gold Knights 1 & 2- Blaumagier
Sunday 5pm-9pm Alan Wake- Baltes
Sunday 9pm-12am Monster Party , Castlevania Chronicles, Castlevania IV or Simons Quest-Punkle

Monday 12am-5am Castlevania Compilation- Romscout
Monday 5am-10am Slender the 8 pages- Jaz
Monday 10am-3:30pm F.E.A.R- Bear
Monday 3:30pm- Moon – Phil

As far as upcoming TSG Present’s streams, this is what we’ve got going on this week.

Monday 10-7-13: 8pm-10pm Raffesolutely! – Some video game
Tuesday 10-8-13: 6pm-8pm Euro Truck Simulator With Squint, 11pm-2am Legend of Dragoon with Metal Man!
Wednesday 10-9-13: 7pm-10pm The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker w/ GendarmeOfficer, 10pm-2am Dragon Age Origins w/ Rob
Thursday 10-10-13: 8pm-11pm Gendar Streams!, 11pm-2am Legend of Dragoon with Metal Man!
Friday 10-11-13: 11am-3pm Tales of Symphonia with Untuxable, 8pm-10pm Daski Streams! Amnesia: Machine for Pigs, 10pm-12pm Friday Night Frights with Giraffes
Saturday 10-12-13: 2pm-7pm Reloading w/ Kairamek, Saturday Night’s Main Event w/ AlanEdgeHead Super Mario Sunshine
Sunday 10-13-13: 4pm-6pm Blaumagier Plays 3DS in 2D
Highlights from the past week:

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