The Week Ahead (11-11)

Whats going on this week with TheSpeedGamers?

A LOT of streams going down this week. If you haven’t heard yet TSG got subscriptions enabled on Twitch, and you can sub here:

All Twitch subs and also donators to our monthly TSG Costs Fund ( this month have the chance to win the Batman Arkham Trilogy on Steam! Batman Arkham Origins was awesomely donated by @Lawlshark (who does some streams of his own on his own channel: Be sure to swing by and check him out!

Britt is working on getting a Youtube Video out later this week so stay tuned for that!

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Here’s what we have going on streaming wise this week:

Monday 11-11-13: 12pm-4pm Jasef Practices Oracle of Ages, 4pm-7pm RollerCoaster Tycoon With GendarmeOfficer, 7pm-11pm Blaumagier Practices BS Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets
Tuesday 11-12-13: 6pm-9pm Tactical Tuesdays With Squint, 9pm-11pm Giraffes Dissapoints Everyone – Torin’s Passage, 11pm-2am Kingdom Hearts 1.5 with Metal Man!
Wednesday 11-13-13: 12pm-4pm Jasef Practices Oracle of Ages, 4pm-7pm Local Maybe Plays Minish Cap?, 8pm-11pm Fallout: New Vegas with GendarmeOfficer
Thursday 11-14-13: 3pm-7pm Blaumagier Practices Four Swords Anniversary Edition, 7pm-11pm Link’s Awakening DX Practice with AlanEdgeHead, 11pm-2am Kingdom Hearts 1.5 with Metal Man!
Friday 11-15-13: 11am-3pm Untuxable Plays Tales of Symphonia, 3pm-6pm Arkham Origins Challenge Maps for Practice with Kairamek
Saturday 11-16-13: 2pm-7pm Reloading w/ Kairamek, Saturday Night’s Main Event w/ AlanEdgeHead Link’s Awakening DX Practice
Sunday 11-17-13: 4pm-6pm Blaumagier Plays 3DS in 2D: Paper Mario: Sticker Star, 8pm-12pm Link’s Awakening DX Practice with AlanEdgeHead

Here’s a highlight from one of last weeks streams!
Gendarme Dies Hard Another Day

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