The Week Ahead (11-4)

The Zelda Marathon is about a month away and a lot of us have started practicing our runs on stream throughout the week. As we get closer to the event you will see a lot of our practice runs pop up on the stream schedule.

Thank you to everybody who has subscribed to our twitch channel. We are just two more subscribers away from unlocking two more chat emoticons. Let us know in the comments what emoticons you would like to see.

Here’s a full list of streams that will be happening this week on

12pm-2:30pm Jasef Practices Zelda
4pm-7pm Roller Coaster Tycoon w/GendarmeOfficer

6pm-9pm Tactical Tuesday w/Squint
11pm-2am Kingdom Hearts 1.5 w/MetalMan

8pm-11p Fallout New Vegas w/GendarmeOfficer

11pm-2am Kingdom Hearts 1.5 w/MetalMan

11am-3pm Untaxable plays Tales of Symphonia
8pm-10pm Daski streams  Star Ocean 3 TtEot Part1

2pm-7pm Reloading w/Kairamek Batman Arkham Origins
7pm-11pm  Saturday Night’s Main Event w/AlanEdgeHead  Super Mario Sunshine

4pm-8pm Blaumagier plays 3Ds in 2D: Paper Mario Sticker Star

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