Obligatory Ice Level Day 2013!

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year! The time when ice blocks float in mid-air, snow covers your screen, and arctic wildlife tries to maul you! It’s Obligatory Ice Level Day, the time that we celebrate that one type of stage that makes its way into just about every video game…. the ice level! The new website will be up soon, but let’s get into what makes up O.I.L.D.

The actual day itself is unofficially December 25th, but really the event goes on pretty much all month long. So don’t wait until then to participate! Celebrate all month!

All through December I’ll be updating The Speed Gamers’ blog with screenshots and write-ups of different ice levels. I’ll even link to different ice level songs and show you where to download great ice level remixes! This holiday is admittedly ridiculous. Don’t take it seriously! Let anyone get involved! Don’t be one of those jerks that excludes people from a fun, silly holiday.

The first OILD post will be up in just a moment, so get ready!

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