OILD: Chill Penguin Stage

The first day of Obligatory Ice Level Day! This is a goofy, fake holiday meant to build hype for The Speed Gamers’ Zelda marathon, which starts December 12th! We’re raising money for Mercy Corps, so I hope you all help us out by promoting and donating! And for the first OILD here, we’ve got a classic stage! Our Mega Man marathon had a wonderful comeback, so naturally we need to start off with a classic Mega Man X stage. Of course I’m talking about Chill Penguin’s stage, from the original Mega Man X game!


Mega Man X, the game that sought to reboot the Mega Man franchise. The premise was simple; Mega Man was upgraded and left in a capsule for 30 years. When Dr. Cain discovers him, X is used as a base for an entire new line of robots. These “Reploids” are then used for a variety of jobs, but they occasionally go “Maverick” and attack humans. When a once-respected Reploid named Sigma goes Maverick and takes several other robots with him, it’s up to Mega Man to stop them.

Chill Penguin’s stage was usually the first one I picked when playing this game. The theme is great, and there’s a lot to see! The ground is snowy, but some of the icy structures can be broken with fiery weaponry, assuming you have it on you at the time. There’s also a giant suit of ride armor available! This is pretty great since the only thing more awesome than a crime-fighting robot is a crime-fighting robot that rides in giant robo-armor and punches crime TO DEATH. At the end of the stage is of course the boss, Chill Penguin. The room’s floor is icy, and being a penguin, he’s able to slide around the place to hurt you. The ceiling also has a hook, and if he leaps up and grabs it, the entire room will be engulfed in a blizzard! Last but definitely not least, Chill Penguin has frosty breath, which he uses to make instant penguin ice sculptures. Awwww, adorable! I HUG IT!



So, music? Obviously. It’s a Mega Man game after all! Chill Penguin of course has his own theme. But there’s also Blizzard Buffalo from Mega Man X3! And Frost Walrus has a stage 1 and stage 2 song in MMX4! And Blizzard Wolfang from MMX6! And Avalanche Yeti from MMX8!

And as always, we have some remixes! BrainCooler is an awesome Chill Penguin remix by Rozovian! But in addition to that, the great Maverick Rising OC Remix album has a few wonderful ice level tunes, such as Stay Frosty (a Frost Walrus mix by Omni-Psyence), The Leidenfrost Effect (a Blizzard Buffalo mix by Hemophiliac and Level 99), Noble Creature of Snow (another Blizzard Buffalo mix, by Ansgaros), Catch the Eagle (a mix by Willrock that combines Blizzard Buffalo’s theme with Spiral Pegacion’s theme), and Braving the Storm (a mix by Metal Man that combines Chill Penguin’s theme and Dr. Light’s theme). Download them and have something fun to listen to this ice level season! Actually the whole album is worth listening to, so just get the whole thing while you’re at it!

Are you guys psyched for the marathon? I am!

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