Prizes: The Best Watercolor Anythings Ever!

You know what you love? Original art! You love it! You loooove iiiiiit. And you know which artist is your favorite? It’s Nina Matsumoto! So hmm, what would make for some nice prizes for the Zelda marathon…



Yes, this adorable Wind Waker watercolor painting will be raffled off! A simple $20 donation gets you an entry, so give to a good cause and you might win it! This is the ACTUAL PAINTING, not a print, and you just know it’s even more beautiful in person!



And THIS lovely thing is an auction prize! We won’t have many auctions at the marathon, but when this picture went up, it was unanimous that this thing HAD to be auctioned off! Again, this is the actual painting, so don’t miss out on your chance to get this gorgeous piece of art!

Oh but don’t worry, you’ll have a few extra favorite artists ever before long! Yes, Nina’s not the only person generous enough to donate art for us to give away. Stay tuned and I’ll have even more great prizes to show off!

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