The Week Ahead (12-2)

Less than TWO weeks until the Zelda Marathon starts.
We’ve got a good selection of prizes lined up, with more to come. For a full list of ones we have already check out

With the start of a new month so starts a new goal of $80 for our TSG Costs fund. To donate go here:
Subscribing to our Twitch.TV account also helps out greatly and you can do so from here:

We will be having a game giveaway this month for all TSG Costs donators and Twitch Subscribers again this month so stay tuned for that announcement!
Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter (@TheSpeedGamers) for updates on the marathon, when streams go live, and random game giveaways.

Here’s what to expect from our streaming this week:

Monday 12-2-13: 3pm-6pm Glover with GendarmeOfficer
Tuesday 12-3-13: 6pm-9pm Tactical Tuesdays With Squint, 9pm-11pm Beyond Good and Evil w/ Giraffes
Wednesday 12-4-13: 4pm-8pm Blaumagier Practices Four Swords Adventures, 8pm-11pm Fallout: New Vegas with GendarmeOfficer
Thursday 12-5-13: No Scheduled Streams
Friday 12-6-13: 11pm-3pm Untuxable plays Tales of Symphonia!, 3pm-7pm Blaumagier Practices A Link Between Worlds, 8pm-10pm Daski Streams a Thing!
Saturday 12-7-13: 2pm-7pm Reloading w/ Kairamek: Mario RPG, Saturday Night’s Main Event w/ AlanEdgeHead Link’s Awakening DX Practice
Sunday 12-8-13: 4pm-9pm Blaumagier Practices A Link Between Worlds

Here’s some highlights from last weeks streams!

Jagger Has Pro Conductor Skills:
Zelda 1 Secret Ending Theme:

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