Community Night! Saturday Aug 16 @ 6pm central: Mario Kart 8

This Saturday we will be hosting a Mario Kart 8 community night for everyone to take part in. The idea behind community night is to set aside a time each month for the TSG community to get together and play games. We will be streaming this event on Saturday August 16th starting at 6pm central and  I (Britt) will be hosting this month.  We have all made a lot of friends through TSG and I think events like the community nights give people the chance to hang out and have fun. To play in the community night, register my Wiiu ID:TheSpeedGamers and make sure to be in the chat at when the games begin!

For a list of upcoming community nights, minithons &  marathons, be sure to take a look at the TSG 6 month outlook post.

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