TSG’s Six Month Outlook

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about our future plans. With Kirby coming up soon I thought now would be a great time to outline what the rest of the year looks like for TSG.  We’ve really loved the minithons that we hosted earlier this year.  We feel like they do a really good job of filling gaps between marathons  while also raising a decent amount of money for charity.  What differentiates minithons from marathons is their length , location and style. Minithons are of course shorter in length, lasting anywhere from 24-48 hours. They are hosted at my house and we take a more laid back approach. They feel pretty similar to the events that we did back in 2008-2009 and its a nice change of pace from our typical marathon.  During minithons we also get a chance to let community members participate in both commentary and game play. There is a planning topic in our forums so that members can volunteer to help out at these events.

We also want to keep our focus on the community by hosting gaming nights once a month for everyone in the community to participate in. So for the next 6 months I have scheduled gaming nights and minithons to keep the TSG community active and intertwined.

A PDF of the schedule will be available soon. Here’s a written version below.



Community Night: Mario Kart 8 Hosted by Britt (August 16)

Minithon: Kirby 24 hours (August  29-30)


Community Night: Rust Hosted by Chase (September 13)

Minithon:Golden Sun 48 hours (September 19-21 )


Community Night: Smash Bros 3DS Hosted by Alan (October 4)

Minithon:Batman 24 hours (October 31- November 1)


Community Night:Terreria Hosted by Baltes (November 15)

Minithon:Fire Emblem 24 hours (November  21-22)


Community Night:Phantasy Star Online by Britt (December 6)

Marathon: Sonic 72 hour (December  12-15)


Community Night: Team Fortress 2 Hosted by Caden (January 10)

Minithon: Ratechet and Clank 24 hours (January 30-31 )


Marathons and other plans will be announced at a late date, but we will be doing a series of “Tales of” minithons throughout 2015.

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