OILD Day 10: Ice Mountain Zone

It’s here! Day 10 is here! You know that in a couple of days, we’ll be holding our Sonic marathon for the Rockin’ H Ranch, right? Of course you do! It’ll be a pretty fun celebration of one of the most famous game series of all time. That’s why today’s ice level is Ice Mountain Zone, from Sonic Advance!


Sonic Advance marked the first time a new Sonic game was published on a Nintendo console. The story was pretty simple, too; Dr. Eggman wanted to conquer a place called South Island, and naturally it was up to Sonic and his friends to save the day. Hey, simplicity! Just like I like in my crazy cartoony games!

Ice Mountain was a pretty standard ice level, featuring white snowfalls, icy floors, and frosty lakes. There are a lot of bumpers half-buried in the snow, so if you can find them, use them! Additionally, there were a few frozen grind rails you could slide down. Now that I think about it, it’s pretty impressive that Sonic could travel those things without falling off! Huge sections of the stage were underwater, and naturally you need to find air bubbles to survive. There were also several Badniks in the stage, including snowman, jellyfish, shark, and of course, penguin robots. The boss of the stage was Dr. Eggman piloting a robot that walked on the ceiling.  While this robot was able to drop icicles onto you, the real danger was the terrain; most of the room was submerged in water, so using the ice as makeshift platforms so you could jump out and get some air was critical! After Eggman’s defeat, you could then open a device that was full of captive birds and snowshoe hares. Aww! BE FREE, ANIMAL FRIENDS!



And today’s music! You know, I’m happy to be posting about a Sonic ice level, but at the same time I was dreading this, purely because of how much music there is to post. So let’s get to it!  Ice Cap Zone Act 1 and Ice Cap Zone Act 2 are from Sonic 3! Diamond Dust Zone Act 1 and Act 2 are from Sonic 3-D Blast! Robotnik Winter Zone is from Sonic Triple Trouble!  Ice Cap is from Sonic Drift 2! And here’s the Ice Cap from Sonic Adventure! Aurora Icefield is from Sonic: The Fighters! Ice Mountain Act 1 and Act 2 is from Sonic Advance! Ice Paradise Act 1 and Act 2 are from Sonic Advance 2! Twinkle Snow Act 1, Act2, and Act 3 are from Sonic Advance 3! Blizzard Peaks Act 1 and Act 2 are from Sonic Rush Adventure! Crystal Mountain is from Sonic Rivals! White Acropolis is from Sonic 2006! Cool Edge is from Sonic Unleashed! Icy Isles is from SegaSonic the Hedgehog! White Park Act 1 and Act 2 are from Sonic 4: Episode 2! Frozen Factory Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3 are from Sonic: Lost World!

Ohh boy… and the remixes. Now, I can’t post every single Sonic-themed ice level mix. There are way, WAY too many! But I can post about a million remixes of Ice Cap Zone! It’s one of the most remixed game songs ever.

IceCapped is by McVaffe! IceCap Zone (Frozen Knuckles Mix) is by Rayza! Ice Attack is by Trance-Canada! Hot Ice is by DarkeSword! Snow Motion is by SkyHigh! Memories Frozen in Time is by DCT and Just Us! Eastern Ice Field is by Big Giant Circles! Breaking the Ice is by DigiE! Snowboardin’ Sonic is by Willrock! Ice Cap Zone Rescue is by Beckett007!  Thinking Cap is by Platonist! Snowy Caps is by JD Harding! Ice Cold Retro is by Joshua Morse!

And don’t forget to get the Obligatory Ice Level Day Soundtracks! They’re here, here, here, and here!

Oh and while we’re at it, take a look at this fine tune titled Ice Cave, from TheAmazingBrandO’s album Songs From a Video Game That Doesn’t Exist. BrandO e-mailed me at the last minute about this, and you know what? I like it so much that I think it more than deserves to be included! Thanks, BrandO! 😀

So yep, I think that’ll do for now for the Obligatory Ice Level Days. I know a lot of people sent in suggestions, and I’m sorry I couldn’t use all of them this time around! A bunch of scheduling stuff came up and it ate away my time like a leopard seal on cereal. That said, I plan on making next year’s WAY BIGGER! Hopefully the coming year will allow for that to happen.

PLEASE tune in to the Sonic marathon! It’s this Friday, and we’ll be playing a ton of Sonic games. I honestly haven’t touched a few of these games in like two decades, so it’ll be interesting to see how my playthroughs will turn out! Either way we’ll have lots of stunts and prizes for you all, so help us help the Rockin’ H Ranch help other charities!

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