OILD Day 2: Ice Climber

Hello again! It’s Day 2 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! You might say to yourself “wait… Day 2 of… the day… what?” And the answer to that is, “who cares?! It’s fun!” If I say a day can last over a week, then it shall be done! Anyway, today’s ice level is a whole game. We were recently blessed with the release of Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U. But sadly, an old character–or should I say a pair of characters–from Melee and Brawl couldn’t return in this installment. That’s why today we honor those missing heroes with today’s level: ICE CLIMBER!


Ah, Ice Climber. What an… interesting choice of physics. So for those of you who don’t know, this game really is just one giant ice level. Yes, even those green and orange blocks are ice. That makes sense, right? The object of the game was to guide either of the two climbers (Popo was a guy in blue, Nana was a girl in pink) to the top of the mountain and grab onto an albatross flying above the stage. The biggest obstacles were the dangerous polar bears, the ice-shuffling Topis, and Popo and Nana’s inability to properly jump horizontally. Seriously, try playing this game. These kids can’t longjump for beans. Speaking of food, there were also a ton of fruits strewn about this oddly multi-colored glacier, which you could grab for points! The duo were later introduced as fighters in Smash Bros. Melee, as representatives of “old school” gaming. They even had their own stages, and their Brawl stage, The Summit, was featured in the very first OILD collection I posted onto TSG! Snippets of this game were also featured in NES Remix, where you were expected to perform various feats within a time limit. And let me just say that the Ice Climber sections of NES Remix were nothing to sneeze at!


Games do need moreĀ  cool bears, though.

And now, music! Here’s the original theme to Ice Climber! And here’s the theme to Icicle Mountain, the Ice Climbers’ Melee stage! And the theme to The Summit, the Brawl stage!

And for a remix? Why not try out Snow Cone Heaven, an Ice Climber remix by Mazedude!

There’ll be more OILD fun tomorrow! But what game will be featured? Will it be an old classic, or some new blood? Check back tomorrow and see for yourself!

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