OILD Day 3: The Wilderness

Day 3! I hope everyone’s excited for the Sonic marathon, because I sure am! And I’m also excited to show you the latest Ice Level. See, sometimes you just want to break free and go your own way. You want to make your own custom characters and levels. I for one can totally relate to that! That’s why today’s ice level is The Wilderness, from LittleBigPlanet!


LittleBigPlanet is an adorable sidescroller starring little dot-eyed sackpeople. The world is equally cute, with most of the art being based on found objects, sculptures, and other doodads making up the stages. While there is indeed a story mode, the game really prides itself on its customization. Dress your sackpeople however you want! Make your own stages and send them to your friends! It’s all gravy here on LittleBigPlanet!

The Wilderness isn’t entirely ice, but the first part of it is. When your little Sackperson is teleported there, they need to hop onto a rocketsled, pulled by a wooden dog. It’s pretty cute watching that sled slide over icy hills made of glass! After that, there’s a big cavern full of icy platforms that seem to be made of clay. What’s more, there are clay icicles that can fall from the ceiling and hurt you! But that’s fine, because of those icicles also become useful platforms as well. The sackpeople’s ultimate goal is to get inside a bunker, complete with toy soldiers and tanks. The inside of the bunker itself isn’t that frosty, but this is clearly set in an icy stage!


“Oh wow you can dress the Sackboy up as a penguin?! EEEE” –Me

Music time! The Wilderness is the theme for this stage, and it’s pretty sweet. And just for fun, here’s Northern Country Kamui, from Okami! And Oki, also from Okami!

As for a remix, here’s a lovely guitar mix of Oki’s theme, by Jam2995!

Did you guess today’s ice level? Do you think you’ll be able to guess tomorrow’s? Maybe you will! Don’t forget to spread the word about the marathon too!

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