OILD Day 4: Holiday Hare

Well hi! You know, we’re doing a Sonic marathon later this month. And well, I feel that during this special Obligatory Ice Level Day, we need to respect the legacy Sonic left behind. A legacy of fast games, wonderful music, adorable graphics, but mostly… an army of copycat mascot characters. That’s why today’s ice level is Holiday Hare, from Jazz Jackrabbit!


Okay, you have to admit you didn’t see this one coming. If you actually remember Jazz Jackrabbit, then I’m honored that you took time out of your busy haunting schedule to read this, ancient souls from beyond the grave. ThisĀ  game was made by, no fooling, Cliffy B. Yes, the BulletStorm guy. And I’m pretty sure it was animated by the guy who made Dust. Anyway, it starred a green jackrabbit. Oh, but not just any rabbit! This was a rad-to-the-max rabbit with ‘tude flowing though his bodacious veins! He’s got a headband! And a laser gun! Because ’90s! And he’s going to run at the speed of light and blast everything in sight in his quest to–rescue a princess and save the world? Seriously? That old routine? Hey, it beats doing homework, I guess. Am I right, kids? Eh? Ehhh?

So Holiday Hare wasn’t just one level, but rather two free demos the team put out in 1994 and 1995. The ’94 version had its own map and holiday-themed backgrounds and music, but the enemies were from the full version of the game. The ’95 game had a snow level and a toy-themed level, plus they made new enemies just for this demo. Plus there were giant pieces of candy, collectible candy canes, and parodies of the Energizer Bunny. Because ’90s.



So are you ready for the music from these games? I’m not sure if you are. Holiday Hare Level 1 is honestly just a medley of holiday music. But in .MOD format! ’90s! Candion is a hip, way-totally-cool-to-the-max version of the Carol of the Bells, and Bloxonius is… wait for it… a hip-hop version of The Little Drummer Boy. Because ’90s. Hmm, you know what? I think I’ll add Blizzard Buffalo from Mega Man X3, just so we have at least one video game creature that isn’t oozing ‘tude from its ears and eyes.

Actually, that’s a good idea! Because The Leidenfrost Effect is a really good Blizzard Buffalo remix by Level 99 and Hemophiliac! You can download it (and other great MMX mixes) from here!

So ok, today’s level was pretty obscure. But tomorrow’s is definitely from a much more famous game! And chances are it’s a game you may have evenĀ  gotten this year! What could it be? HMMMM…

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