OILD Day 8: Trabia

Man, we’re getting closer to the marathon! Can you wait? No? Of course not! It’s going to be “way past cool,” as the kids say these days! Anyway, as you know, for the past few months Toast has been streaming on Fridays, and it’s been quite a ride! He’s almost done with his game, but it’s still been pretty funny and fun watching him go through the whole story. That’s why today’s ice level is Trabia, from Final Fantasy 8!


So, Final Fantasy 8… how to even explain the story here. Well, it stars Squall, the leader of a team of teenage mercenaries who use magical gods(???) as weapons. They’re sent out to take down a sorceress, who turns out to be a DIFFERENT sorceress from the future. Also they play card games. Also they inhabit the minds of people in the past. Also the moon cries monsters. Oh and the kids actually grew up together in the same orphanage, but they forgot all about that because [INSUFFICIENT EXPLANATION] PS, Time Compression.

Trabia is a big, snowy continent to the north. It may be big, but there’s actually very few inhabitants on there. Mainly you’ll only find weird beastly people called Shumis, and adorable little fluffy lion-creatures called Moombas. Oh, sure, there used to be people here, but they were teenage mercenaries studying in Trabia Garden. And you know what? Squall’s ragtag gang of dopey teens were somehow unable to prevent the sorceress from shooting giant eyeball-missiles at the school and blowing it to anime-colored smithereens. GG, gang! There are a few monsters you can fight here, plus some forests where you can catch a Chocobo to ride. Well… at least the Chocobos survived the horrible missile strike, I guess!


“IMMA PUNCH THE ENERGY DRINKS RIGHT OUTTA THIS MONSTER’S SKATEBOARD!… HOT DOGS!” “Like, omg Squall, we can totally like, beat this huge beast up with our fists and nunchucks and… whatever that thing you use is! lolflcopter!!”

Lots of music today! Mines of Narshe is from Final Fantasy 6! Buried in Snow is from Final Fantasy 7!  Where I Belong is from Final Fantasy 8! Ice Cavern is from Final Fantasy 9! People of the North Pole is from Final Fantasy 10! Seeking Power is from Final Fantasy 12! And Chocobo’s Happy Christmas is from the Chocobo’s Mysterious Dungeon soundtrack!

And some remixes! Following Forgotten is a remix of Mines of Narshe, and it’s by Patrick Burns! Light and Flakey is a remix of Buried in Snow, by Heath Morris! Battle in the Far North is a remix of People of the North Pole, and it’s by The Griever! And while this isn’t a fanmix and isn’t quite an ice level, Square did put out a holiday album remixing a few tunes from their games, and their remix of Wind Scene from Chrono Trigger is just plain fun!

Ah, so many memories. I really like reliving some of the fun we had this year with these ice levels! Will there be more reminiscing tomorrow. Probably!

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