OILD Day 9: Himalayas

Hello again! Have you been enjoying all the ice levels? I hope so! You know what I love? Cartoons! And games! And ducks! And money! And listing things that I like on a blog, apparently! That’s why today’s ice level is the Himalayas, from DuckTales and DuckTales Remastered!


I usually don’t do levels based on licensed games, but I’ll make an exception here. DuckTales was originally a NES game based on the popular ’80s cartoon, which in turn was based on the old Scrooge McDuck comics. The plot to the original game was merely “get all the treasure,” and then you were pretty much done. But then surprisingly, all these years later, we got a remake! In DuckTales Remastered, there’s more of an actual story, written in the tone of the original show. In the remake, Scrooge and his friends look for different treasures, but it’s revealed that the treasures were the necessary components of Magica DeSpell’s evil curse to revive a vampire known as Dracula Duck.

In the NES game, the Himalayas were known for being the one level where Scrooge couldn’t use his inexplicably pogo-stick-esque cane. If you tried to bounce, you’d get stuck in the snow! The level was also full of sneaky snow rabbits and WAY TOO MANY GOATS. You could also find Bubba the Caveduck frozen in the ice, and freeing him got you a special reward. In the remake, the level gets a little more complex. Scrooge’s pilot Launchpad crashes their plane (as usual), and it’s up to Scrooge to find the missing pieces so the plane can be fixed. There’s slidey ice, duck hockey players, and oh yeah, WAY TOO MANY GOATS. In both versions, the boss is a yeti. In the original, the yeti’s pretty small, and only bounces around and punches the walls, causing snowballs to fall. In the remake, the yeti is massive. It still causes ice to fall, but this time Scrooge has to knock rocks into giant ice cubes that are stuck to the ceiling. Doing so will cause the ice to fall on the yeti, thus damaging it. In the end, it turns out the yeti was just upset because she had something–the level’s treasure–embedded in her foot.


Adequate number of ducks, way too many goats.

And music! The Himalayas is the stage theme for the NES version of DuckTales! And here’s the DuckTales Remastered version!

Man, did you know that almost nobody’s ever remixed the Himalaya theme? That’s ridiculous! I did find this piano mix by pianist203, but that’s about it. So let’s get some other mixes in there! BITE is a remix of the Ice Path from Pokemon Gold and Silver, and it’s by Benjamin Briggs! Snowflakes in her Hair is a remix of Snowpoint City from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and it’s by Blue Magic! And the Retro Remix Revue has a nice mix of Iceberg, from Kirby’s Dream Land 3!

It’s been a fun ride so far, but we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next! I’m pretty tired, honestly, since I’ve been playing a bit for the marathon. Speaking of which, hope you can stop by and watch me fail horribly at Sonic games!

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