Sonic Concludes and Mario Preparations Begin

The Sonic marathon has sadly concluded as all of our guests have made their way back home (minus Nitram, holdover for the Hobbit viewing party). I had a really fun time and the community was great. We raised just under $4,000 for the Rocking H Ranch. Thank you for the time and effort that you all have put into TSG.

We are going to quickly move on to planning our next marathon which is the week long Mario event, July 17-24. We have a lot of time to plan so I think this event has the potential to be very successful. Our first meeting is going to be either in the second or third week of January. My goal is to give the community monthly updates on the planning stages for Mario. I will post the updates on our youtube and website. There will also soon be a planning topic so that we can start working on the schedule and all the other fun stuff that goes into a marathon.

Thanks again!

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