Welcome to Camp TSG! (updated w/schedule)

Beginning  May 1st we will have streams each weekend in the month of May raising money for St Jude. I (Britt) will be kicking off the month at 4pm central  on Friday May 1st , followed by Toast at 8pm. We will be streaming at our usual spot, www.twitch.tv/thespeedgamers .  The total that we raise for the month of May will go into our July Mario Marathon total. Our goal between the two events will be $50,000 per usual. We will release our May streaming schedule very soon which will include several community nights where we play games with the community.

For the month of May we will be using the St. Jude page to accept donations. In July we will use our traditional donation widget that Local (Robbie) created. If you would like to donate for the month of May, our St Jude donation page is here: http://bit.ly/playliveTSG

We have an unannounced minithon scheduled for June and then our main event  week  long Mario marathon July 17-24. Our aim for camp TSG is to have a great stream filled summer with the community while raising money for great causes. We look forward to spending the summer with you all!

SCHEDULE:  (More streamers and times to be added!)
May 1st: Britt 4pm-6pm, Toast 8pm-11pm
May 2nd: Ana 8pm-10pm
May 3rd: Metal 5pm-9pm
May 6th: Gendarme 6pm-9:30pm
May 8th: Untux 11am-2pm, Alan 7pm-10pm
May 9th: Toast Squint Ana 8pm-11pm
May 10th: Metal 6pm-9pm
May 12th: Gendarme 6pm-9:30pm
May 13th: 3pm-3am
May 15th: Untux 11am-2pm,
May 16th: Ashley 6pm-9pm
May 17th: Metal 6pm-9pm
May 20th: Gendarme 6pm-9:30pm
May 22nd: Untux 11am-2pm
May 23rd:
May 24th: Ana 8pm-9pm
May 27th: Gedarme 6pm-9:30pm
May 28th: Toast 8pm-10pm
May 29th: Alan 7pm-10pm
May 30th: Phil (possibly)
May 31st: Sam 1pm-4pm, Gendarme 5pm-10pm

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