Co-op Extravaganza! Saturday May 23 @2pm central

This Saturday May 23 starting at 2pm central, we will be streaming to raise money for St. Jude with a chance to triple your donations. Gamestop will be matching donations up to $1000 as well as us, TSG!. I’ve decided to call it quits on our TSG HQ dream and use those donations for charity.  I want to give a big thank you to everybody that donated and supported our efforts.  Community members Arten,  the scorpion king Calvin, Jazzaaboo and Mayday donated just under $4000 towards the HQ.  I’ve refunded their money and really appreciate all the help that they have given us.

With the rest of the money from the HQ funds I’ve decided to use  toward our St. Jude fundraising efforts. We will match up to $1000 of this money to your donations during our Saturday stream.  With the remaining  money we will purchase a WiiU bundle  to use as our grand prize during the main event (Mario Marathon July 17-24) and  purchase other prizes and/or upgrade equipment.

This weekend we have the potential to raise $3000 in a very short period of time. $1000 of donations by the viewers will mean another $1000 donation by Gamestop and $1000  by TSG.

I’ll be rounding up old Nintendo 64 games as well as Gamecube games to play with the TSG crew this weekend. My brother, Rob, Mayday, Tyler,  and Rob’s brother Cody might all be stopping by this weekend to get in on the fun! The stream will last for around 6 hours on

I hope to see you guys there!

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