Mario Marathon has come to a close

Thank you to everyone for such a great event. As of this post, we have raised $29,027 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  This amount will receive a bump after this weekend when the rest of the Fangamer donations come in. In case you were not aware, Fangamer extended their donations to St. Jude through this weekend.  If you buy either the Phantom Panic or Super 3 shirts this weekend from , $10 of the purchase will go to St. Jude!

We announced Zelda as our 2016 Summer Marathon but are holding back on announcing the December 2015 event as of right now. If you watched the Mario Marathon you probably saw some of the buffer and disconnect issues that we were having. We want to fix these issues before committing to doing an event for December. To reiterate,  it’s our intention to do a marathon this December but we want to make sure that we can put on the best show before fully committing.

Keep checking back to the blog for updates on upcoming events and news about TSG. You can also follow us on twitter, @thespeedgamers

Thank you for all of the support that you have given us over our 7 years. We will see you all soon 🙂


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