Claim your Pokemon starters and trainers now!!

The Retro Pokethon for Rocking H Ranch is just a week away (Thurs Dec 17th) so we are making trainers and starters available to name NOW. Trainers and starters will go for $30 each. Donate to Rocking H Ranch with the following link DONATE HERE and leave the trainer or Pokemon starter that you would like to name and also the nickname that you would like to give it in the comment of your donation. The names are on a first come first serve basis. We will keep this list of available Pokemon and starters up to date and also tweet from @thespeedgamers when starters or trainers are claimed.

Trainers and Rivals have a 7 character limit when naming them

Red trainer (CLAIMED) Name: Nitram
Red Rival (CLAIMED) Name: SPACE
Blue trainer (CLAIMED) Name: MySweetTime
Blue Rival (CLAIMED) Name: NMUFred
Yellow trainer (CLAIMED) Name: Metal
Yellow Rival (CLAIMED) Name: SPACE
Gold trainer (CLAIMED) Name: Gold
Gold Rival (available)
Silver trainer (CLAIMED) Name: Apple
Silver Rival (CLAIMED) Name SPACE
Crystal trainer (CLAIMED) Name: St.Jude
Crystal Rival (CLAIMED) Name: SPACE

Pokemon have a 10 character limit when naming them

Squirtle (CLAIMED) Name: Puddles
Charmander (CLAIMED) Name: Patches
Bulbasaur (CLAIMED) Name: bulba

Chikorita (CLAIMED) Name: Bredhe
Cyndaquil (CLAIMED) Name: Sonic62
Totodile (CLAIMED) Name: Simba

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