OILD Day 10: Snow Biome

Hey, the big 1-0! We should throw a party! Parties are way more fun with friends, don’t you think? And just like a party, multiplayer games are the best when you have a lot of cool people playing on the same server. That’s why today’s ice level is the Snow Biome, from Terraria!

Snow Biome

Terraria! The concept’s pretty simple; dig up and chop down resources, build stuff if you want, and keep improving your creations. But what makes it great is that you can set your own difficulty curve by summoning boss monsters and fighting them! Then you can take the materials the bosses drop to make more items, and so on and so on until the heat death of the universe. Ours, I mean. Not the game’s.

The Snow Biome is of course covered in snow, so it’s comforting to know that’s not just an ironic nickname. Unlike other biomes, this place doesn’t have rainfall, but experiences blizzards instead. Friendly penguins harmlessly waddle around, but watch out, because during a Blood Moon, they transform into vicious “corrupt penguins”! So yeah, try to not let penguins rip you apart like a colony of siafu, if you can keep from it. If you’re playing on Hard Mode, you should also keep an eye out for wolves and ice elementals at night and ice golems during the blizzards, because they’re out to ruin your day too. However, you can get some neat materials here, including different color ice blocks, ice feathers, and boreal wood, all of which can be used to make fun things! But for me, the Snow Biome will always be remembered as the unofficial arena wherein a friend and I would summon the boss monsters, since we had a respawn point nearby.

Snow BiomeOh also my character had a fishbowl on her head the entire time. I’m the master of fashion, you guys. Full wallpaper’s HERE!

I think we need some music, especially given the nightmare fuel from yesterday’s level. The Snow Biome actually does have its own theme, so let’s start with that! But let’s get some more fun in here! Don’t Freeze is from LaTale, Winterbliss is from Castle Crashers, and Another Winter is from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!

Our bonus songs all have a few remixes to their names, so let’s give them a listen! This Don’t Freeze cover is by Ning Q, this Winterbliss guitar mix is by FamilyJules7x, and this cover of Another Winter is by Epic Game Music!

¬†Welp, we’re winding down here. I hope it’s been fun for you! Are you interested in what the last two ice levels will be? Will get back here and become enlightened!

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