OILD Day 11: The Return of Georgio

Day 11 and we’re finally winding down–err, around. Something like that! We here at TSG believe in heroes, you see. TRUE heroes. People who stand up for what they believe in. People who forge their own path. People who make a difference. Folks who, even when they stumble, still triumph over evil. Then, and only then, can they engage in the glorious celebration known as VICTORY ROTATIONS. That’s why today’s ice level is what I’ve dubbed The Return of Georgio, from Roundabout!

THE RETURN OF GEORGIO!Roundabout is one of the silliest games in the entire known (and probably unknown, let’s be real) universe. It stars Georgio Manos, the first and best rotating limo driver in the entire city of Roundabout. Georgio’s unique style of spinning non-freaking-stop really left an impression on the town, and the young driver was soon rocketed to stardom and even found love. However, when tragedy strikes, our hero has to overcome the odds and bounce back. Oh, and it should be noted that all the cutscenes are ’70s style live action clips mixed in with stock footage. As it should be! Seriously, grab this game right now and play it. It’s hilarious.

Roundabout doesn’t really have chapter titles per se, so I’ve just called this the Return of Georgio. Long after the aforementioned tragedy, our trusty limo driver fell on hard times. However, a farm needed some with the crops, and naturally an eternally rotating limo was the best tool for the job. After making a bit of money, Georgio ran into a priest who needed a ride months ago, but more importantly, the limo also ended up with none other than Jeffrey the Skeleton. You know! Jeffrey! The Skeleton! At that point, for clearly entirely unrelated reasons, the priest started freak out and insisted that Georgio bury all the random coffins lying around near the church. With that out of the way, Georgio was off to find Beth, the love our plucky protagonist lost months ago. With the help of some old friends, some sick jumps, and some anti-car gloves, surely Georgio Manos can once again rise… or rotate… to the top!


Jeffrey medicine is a heck of a… uh, y’know what? Never mind. The full wallpaper is HERE though!

 Roundabout doesn’t have a specific ice level song, but we can still enjoy some music! Since we’re near the end, let’s just have a random collection of some of my favorite ice tunes that we haven’t featured yet, shall we? Blizzard Hazard is Frost Tiger’s theme from Viewtiful Joe 2, Northwall is from Actraiser, Northern Country Kamui is from Okami, Glacial Fortress is from Omega Five, Hard Water is from Ecco the Dolphin, and Take the Snow Train is from NiGHTS: Into Dreams!

And some random remixes! This guitar cover of Oki’s theme from Okami is by Jam2995, Neon Glaciers is a cover of Glacial Fortress by Anosou, this vocal and piano cover of Snowman from Mother/Earthbound is by Michelle Heafy, Disciple of the Ice is a huge ice-themed medley by DJ the S, this Mines of Narshe mix from Final Fantasy 6 is by Ace Waters and Soundole, and this Shiver Star cover from Kirby 64 is by FamilyJules7x!

 Whew! That’s a lot of music! Sit back and enjoy those tunes, and come back for the last post of Obligatory Ice Level Day 2015! And don’t forget to stop by on the 17th for our Pokémon Retrothon!

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