OILD Day 2: The Ice Island

Did everyone like yesterday’s level? I sure did! Yesterday’s level was from a brand new game, so let’s scale it back and do a classic stage. A classic stage with DINOSAURS. It’s the Ice Island, from Adventure Island 2!

ice-ai2Adventure Island is a series starring Master Higgins, a dude in nothing but a grass skirt and a baseball cap. And you might be saying “oh wow, that guy knows how to party!” and you’d be right, because Master Higgins is based on Takahashi Meijin, who was an executive at Hudson Soft and was known for being able to button mash 16 times a second. That said, I’m totally assuming Adventure Island 2, complete with its kidnappings and prehistoric animal buddies and giant monsters, is 100% biographical.

The Ice Island is comprised of several stages in Adventure Island 2 and SURPRISE! It’s all white and snowy. There are ice physics at play here, but the enemies don’t really match the theme. Or maybe fire-breathing snakes are the new holiday mascot, who’s to say really! The first stage takes you through some snowcapped mountains, the next is set in a old forest, and the next few levels are set in some caves, finishing with a good ol’ fashioned frozen ice cave. The boss is a giant magenta octopus with tons of eyes, not because that fits the snow theme at all, but because like I said, this game is clearly biographical!

¬†OILD-IceIsland-tHaving the pteranodon here probably isn’t wise but I LIKE PTEROSAURS OK?! Get the full wallpaper HERE!

¬†Here comes the music! Ice Island 1 and Ice Island 2 both play in this world, and Ice Groove is from Super Adventure Island. And just for fun, I’ll throw in Paradise ~ Deep Mountain, from Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom!

There aren’t really any remixes for Adventure Island out there, but hey, Icy Peaks by Justus Johnston is a really haunting, sweet violin mix of Paradise ~ Deep Mountain, and that’s always welcome!

Day 2 down, 10 more to go! Tomorrow’s level could be from a new game or an old classic! Who knows! I’m a wildcard, kids!

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